Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It recently hit me that GG Allin has been dead for 21 years now! I was thinking the time was coming around for hiss anniversary so last night i look up his death date and lo and behold it was June 28th 1993, less than a week ago!  I remember the very 1st time i 'heard' of GG was in 1989 . I lived in Blanchard Idaho with my Grandparents and had started getting into fanzines and discovered alot of great underground bands! I don;t remember who, but  someone sent me a copy of Killjoy's( Necrophagia, The Ravenous and many other bands!) old fanzine The Metal Commandments" and amongst all the articles, band pictures, demo and Lp reviews, interviews,etc. was an article on this guy called "GG ALLIN" along with a photo of this crazy looking wild eyed filthy heavy eyelinered head band wearing mad man yelling! Mentioning songs like "I'm gonna rape yu", "fuck the dead", "I wanna fuck myself",etc. I thought he was just another cock rock cheezball glam rocker but with crude rude lyrics! Anyhow, not to long later my pal Jerry"S.C."( Real Sickenss 'zine, r.i.p.) calls me one day and could not stop laughing, talking about this "GG Allin" cassette he got and that he HAD to dub it for me! Not to long later i get a copy of "Hated in the nation"(ROIR)it and after the 1st few minutes i could not stop laughing! my stomach hurt from busting up! I also thought the songs were really great and was just AMAZED how rude they were as well! This was right before i heard the Mentors( another one of my long time fave.s now as well! ) . My Grandma insisted i got an allowance for helping out on the ranch because i could not find a job no matter what, so i worked harder and did more and one of my 1st allowances was ordering the original cassette of "Hated in the nation") i sent the money to Jerry and he got it for me ) . The day i got it, we're on our way back home form the post office and i showed the cover to my Grandma and she smiled and said, "What a lovely man!" Ha!ha!ha! Not to long later in 1991 i got kicked out of the house for my growing lousy attitude and sent to Texas! I ended up living with a guy who turned out to be a total RIP-OFF scumbag dirtball and his lovely wife( he offered to let me have sex with her for $20 . I passed and always wondered what would have happened had i told her about this crap?! )for about 4  months . I had to cut my hair and work at at Arby's which was and is STILL to this day one of the WORST jobs i have ever had in my life! I ended up being let go( as they put it ) and got so depressed i'd sit in my room all day in the sweltering Texas heat listening to music, writing letters, recording a bit here and there and playing my guitar alot as i fantasized that GG would come thru town and would be looking for a guitarist for his latest band and would take me under his wing and i could escape that horrible place! Didn't happen but i still smile at that memory . About 4 months later i ended up living in Ca. with Jerry in a house with no electricity about 20 feet form his parents house! We'd sit there in the living room just listening too music nonstop, eating ramen, and just LAUGHING! We'd take his Dad's huge truck almost every night and go downtown and drive around the strip mall blasting stuff like Sockeye, Napalm Death, Carcass, Mentors, and of course GG Allin! We laughed at the looks of horror on peoples faces as we drove by them! ha!ha! I  remember when we went to a show in San Diego too see Fear Factory( he was distro-ing their 1st 3 song demo and we hung out with Dino the guitarist!  Afterwards Dino and i kept singing Mentors songs and laughing nonstop!) and a few other local bands and i was wearing one of Jerry's leather jackets and a headband trying to look like GG! ha!ha!ha!  A couple months later or so after a near blow out fight, i ended p back in Idaho and i got a cassette of GG's old band with The Jabbers "Always was is and shall be" compilation that i literally could not stop listening too! ( to be continued )

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