Monday, April 4, 2016

Introview with The Earwigs

Interview with Charles The Space Lord Bizarre Alien of THE EARWIGS

Are The Earwigs dead? You used to be more prolific dig stuff and seem to have disappeared the last few years? Anything new/releases?

Nope! I have quit many many times but i keep coming back! One day i just realized i just shouldn;t say anything! Instead of saying "I quit!" I just don;t say anything at all, i just figure i am taking a break and it is just ridiculous freaking out with the whole "I quit!" bullshit . I came to the conclusion that i am a sado or whatever it is someone is that enjoys being tortured . I quit then a few days later "I'm back!" Pathetic is all i can say for myself . No, The Earwigs are still at it . I did vow to take a break from recording ANYTHING at all til i mixed down the stuff i have done the last near 2 years but low and behold, one night i had David Bowie stuck in my head and i was feeling a bit sad as well as inspired so i did a new song called "Starman", dedicated to him! I had done a song before  this as well and continue to find myself recording when i haev inspiration whcih has been coming back alot more than usual lately and makes me happy! It would be nice if my 4tracks 'stop' button would work better and i could find my damn audio cords for my tape deck so i can finally mix down all that stuff i have recorded! I have recorded even more post "new album" stuff and i can;t see myself stopping anytime soon . I don;t get shows anymore and i finally just gave it up! I asked about playing in basements for crying out loud and 0 responses, as usual . No surprise! Why even bother anymore . I'm not cool, hip and i don;t play "indie folk rock" hipster horse shit which has been the big "hip" trend for awhile now out here . Too each their own but i HATE this music and i have no interest in it whatsoever! Give me Neil Young thanks! I don;t hate these people nor wish them any ill but i am beyond SICK of it! Everything else music and/or non music wise is completely ignored for the most part . If i got off my lazy ass i might be able to play a show but honestly i am DONE with establishments! The last show i played was pure BULLSHIT! I was having some audio problems to begin with then when i was trying to do stuff the owner of the bar has my noise turned down! NEVER AGAIN! The people siting at the bar were louder than i was for crying out loud! My buddy Shaun(After3Birth) was the headliner whom also set up the show played last for about 10 minutes! He did no introduction and played to like 2 people and his sound was really low! I was really pissed off and that's that! He was very humble with all that crap and i respect him so much for that but i am STILL pissed off for all that and clubs, bars,etc. can FUCK OFF! I am trying to get $$$ together and get some portable amplifiers! My goal form now on is to play in parking lots, fields and anywhere eles i feel like! I need no rules and won;t follow them! The Earwigs are far from dead! I will never stop til i myself am dead! I have posted list of stuff for sale i do and barley any responses! The usual "Send me a list, i;ll order something!" and they never get back to me! Oh well!  I'll keep recording, doing stuff and it will continue to collect dust in a pile! The last several months has seen my split cd with L'eclipse Neu which is really great noise form Japan with a morbid undertone in sound as well as pretty harsh and varied! Unfortunately i believe this great band is now dead but i am honored to have done a split cd(200copies made on Daniel's label) with them! Recently a split cdr with Hell Garbage(Fl.) was released and i am really proud of this one too! I also am really happy about my collaboration with this other great experimental noise improv. group called Waste of Tape! I got asked to record some spoken word/rant/stand up stuff and sent it off to the guys and they mixed it with their cool experimental sounds! It's pretty weird and cool! I am hoping to release the recording i did as well of my rant stuff i did for it! I have plans for other splits in the very near future! I DO also have a 3 way slit cdr with Extreme Hair Stench(Ger.) and Gorgonized Dorks(Ca.) It was supposed to be out quite some time ago! It is DONE but i am having problems getting the layout/cover together! My buddy Daniel(E'N) was going to help but he had to leave Japan but i'll get this done and out one way or another! I have a TON( literally!) of stuff out on cdr now but problems/laziness getting covers/layouts,etc. together has held me back for too long . I have a double cdr also that should have been out years ago and it WILL see the light before to long . That's about it for all this! I use dto do "Xenomorph Records" but changed the name to XTSGM quite a few years ago!
                                         (The Earwigs at The Checkerboard 200? John Wayne, Biz Alien and Egomon )
THE EARWIGS is a self described "Alienoise Destruction Musick" band that began sometime in later August 1990 in Spokane,Wa. when "Bizarre Charlie" was visiting his best friend at the time! The 1st recording was about 5 1/2 minutes long consisting of a suitcase, electric guitar/amp and vocals with no pedal or microphone and everything was recorded on a boombox  . The result? A muddled mess of homemade bottom of the barrel sloppy lo-fi grind/noise noisecore and guiatr solo wankery and a fun good time! The "band" was inspired directly by a letter from Food Fortunana(Sockeye and about 2000 other bands!) when he wrote Charles a letter one day saying "Everyone should form a grind band! I am convinced of that!" and musically(?) by Impetigo, Anal Cunt, Minch, Nuclear Death, Misfits, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Sockeye, etc.

As years went by the band "progressed" from total lo-fi sloppy grind/noise and noisecore to harsh noise then back to noisecore influenced by Sore Throat then to total noise! Occasionally delving into weird heavy electronics and power electronic noise .

Inspirations are many and include  a large gamut of sci-fi, outerspace, the stars, dreams, love, emotions, films( especially science fiction, cyberpunk, anime, post apocalypse,etc.), the Earth, insects, 8-0's hard rock and heavy metal, glam rock, punk, industrial, techno, new wave, avant garde jazz, outsider music, etc. GG Allin and many other things .

The whole "Bizarre Alien" thing is NOT a joke or something 'wacky' and is real . I have never felt like a human being and i wanted to come up with my own 'nick name' so to speak as i was really inspired by "Weird Al" Yankovic so long story short it was "Bizarre" Charlie then later added the "Alien" then a dear friend kept calling me "Space Lord" and i loved it so i added that as well! I feel normal with this and it fits my ideals, thoughts and everything else! It's kinda like Vincent Damon Furnier/Alice Cooper, José Mojica Marins/Coffin Joe, etc.

I look up to and have total respct for bands/people including GG Allin(r.i.p.), Alice Cooper, Gwar, Mentors, Satan Panonski(r.i.p.), David Bowie(r.i.p.), Wendy O. Williams, Clive Jones(r.i.p.)Doctor Who and his many incarnations, Hijokaidan, Lori Beth Bravo, Bloody Mess, Klaus Nomi(r.i.p.), Food Fortunanata and Poopy Necroponde, Boyd Rice, HP Lovecraft(r.i.p.), HR Giger(r.i.p.) and others as unique individuals and inspirations/thanks for my own being! 

                                                   (Halloween 2015 Biz Alien & Youthful Bizward! )


Bands have come bands have gone and still The Earwigs go on and on and on and on occasionally stumbling  and tripping over but always getting back up! It is all i know and all i am really good at! I am not a musician though i do like to attempt to play and create music, noise is my calling and always shall be!

My biggest loves are my kitties, my dreamgirl who has disappeared though does appear in a dream every so once in a very great while and the impossible dreams that may or may never be . Hail true love though it may be just a dream, forever,.....

Keep watching the skies! May the stars be aligned just right for you and for me! KEEP THE FILTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charles SPACE LORD BIZARRE ALIEN 4/4/16 Earth 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It recently hit me that GG Allin has been dead for 21 years now! I was thinking the time was coming around for hiss anniversary so last night i look up his death date and lo and behold it was June 28th 1993, less than a week ago!  I remember the very 1st time i 'heard' of GG was in 1989 . I lived in Blanchard Idaho with my Grandparents and had started getting into fanzines and discovered alot of great underground bands! I don;t remember who, but  someone sent me a copy of Killjoy's( Necrophagia, The Ravenous and many other bands!) old fanzine The Metal Commandments" and amongst all the articles, band pictures, demo and Lp reviews, interviews,etc. was an article on this guy called "GG ALLIN" along with a photo of this crazy looking wild eyed filthy heavy eyelinered head band wearing mad man yelling! Mentioning songs like "I'm gonna rape yu", "fuck the dead", "I wanna fuck myself",etc. I thought he was just another cock rock cheezball glam rocker but with crude rude lyrics! Anyhow, not to long later my pal Jerry"S.C."( Real Sickenss 'zine, r.i.p.) calls me one day and could not stop laughing, talking about this "GG Allin" cassette he got and that he HAD to dub it for me! Not to long later i get a copy of "Hated in the nation"(ROIR)it and after the 1st few minutes i could not stop laughing! my stomach hurt from busting up! I also thought the songs were really great and was just AMAZED how rude they were as well! This was right before i heard the Mentors( another one of my long time fave.s now as well! ) . My Grandma insisted i got an allowance for helping out on the ranch because i could not find a job no matter what, so i worked harder and did more and one of my 1st allowances was ordering the original cassette of "Hated in the nation") i sent the money to Jerry and he got it for me ) . The day i got it, we're on our way back home form the post office and i showed the cover to my Grandma and she smiled and said, "What a lovely man!" Ha!ha!ha! Not to long later in 1991 i got kicked out of the house for my growing lousy attitude and sent to Texas! I ended up living with a guy who turned out to be a total RIP-OFF scumbag dirtball and his lovely wife( he offered to let me have sex with her for $20 . I passed and always wondered what would have happened had i told her about this crap?! )for about 4  months . I had to cut my hair and work at at Arby's which was and is STILL to this day one of the WORST jobs i have ever had in my life! I ended up being let go( as they put it ) and got so depressed i'd sit in my room all day in the sweltering Texas heat listening to music, writing letters, recording a bit here and there and playing my guitar alot as i fantasized that GG would come thru town and would be looking for a guitarist for his latest band and would take me under his wing and i could escape that horrible place! Didn't happen but i still smile at that memory . About 4 months later i ended up living in Ca. with Jerry in a house with no electricity about 20 feet form his parents house! We'd sit there in the living room just listening too music nonstop, eating ramen, and just LAUGHING! We'd take his Dad's huge truck almost every night and go downtown and drive around the strip mall blasting stuff like Sockeye, Napalm Death, Carcass, Mentors, and of course GG Allin! We laughed at the looks of horror on peoples faces as we drove by them! ha!ha! I  remember when we went to a show in San Diego too see Fear Factory( he was distro-ing their 1st 3 song demo and we hung out with Dino the guitarist!  Afterwards Dino and i kept singing Mentors songs and laughing nonstop!) and a few other local bands and i was wearing one of Jerry's leather jackets and a headband trying to look like GG! ha!ha!ha!  A couple months later or so after a near blow out fight, i ended p back in Idaho and i got a cassette of GG's old band with The Jabbers "Always was is and shall be" compilation that i literally could not stop listening too! ( to be continued )

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I find it funny when people assume i am "gay" because i don;t have a "girlfriend" or because i do "that gay act too well" > I'll say it for the last fucking time . I am NOT gay nor have i ever been and i don;t think i am gonna wake up anytime soon and realize i am a homosexual by nature . I do not and will not give a shit what someone's "orientation" is . It means NOTHING to me because i am not mentally from this planet to begin with and i would not want to be either! As for doing a much 'too good gay voice', it's called being babysat by the television at a young age and enjoying ridiculous funny great comedy all my life so fuck off . Perhaps you're just JEALOUS because i can do voices and i LOVE to do stuff like this, fuckface? Humans are so caught up in their own bullshit they don;t see the pile of feces theylre drowning in as it slowly but surely rises and will eventually choke them too death as it enters their face holes . Me? I have NEVER considered or even called myself a "human being" . I've gotten into arguments with people about this . I call myself "The Bizarre Alien" because i am from outside this world . I don;t give a shit about 'relationships' and i don;t give a fuck about bullshit like marriage . Too each their own . I don;t condemn folks for getting married but it is just a crock for me . I've been on probaly 3 dates in my life and that will be enough for me! The girl i have lusted after, been OBSESSED with  and loved since 1992 lives only in my dreams and i have not had a dream about her in years now! The last couple dreams i had about her were pure shit and i am bummed . what is the point to this stupid blog? Just another ridiculous unnecessary rant of shit? Mabe? I don;t care . I am incompatible and i probaly can;t create thru procreation and i will never know because i don't give a fuck! I see so many clones and drones putting on acts to impress someone of the opposite sex and in current times, the same sex and it just makes me SICK to see people groveling for such stupidity . AM i jealous? Nope . I tried this garbage a long time ago and FAILED and realized what a LOSER idiot i was and wanted to punch myself in the face for being such a stupid prick . If i could go back in time, i would slap myself silly for doing such pathetic things and i would also kick my own ASS and tell my past too KICK ASS, FIGHT BACK and SMASH YOUR ENEMIES WITH HATE instead of being a fucking PUSSY and running off! I am not a human being and i will always be at war with myself but one day i WILL win and i will achieve victory in my nonstop failures in life . I have nothing more to say but FUCK THE WORLD!!!!!! p.s. if i WAS gay i would be nothing more than a man whore so fuck it! I remain a mutant in this human contaminated shit world!


The Bizarre Alien. Earth. pointless but not giving a shit!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Burned out and wahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Earlier at work i was thinking how excited i am to finally be reading Ben Hamper's book RIVETHEAD i read about in an older issue of Razorcake magazine and my former foreman told me he owned and mentioned how good it is! While thinking about this i realized since i got transferred to a new building i have been bitching and moaning nonstop how "burned out" i am and since then i have done NOTHING creative . No recording noise or music, no drawing, no reading, NOTHING . I  still watch movies, play videogames and stay up far too late but as far as doing something original and creative, ZERO! I have been thinking alot about my life and what i've been doing . The same job for over 19 years now( as of the 2nd week of March 2014 ), doing the same "band" for over 23 years now and a few other things . I am grateful to be alive, esp. after almost dying from going into anaphylactic shock and getting a ride too the hospital only to be pumped full of adrenaline and steroids, passing out and waking up then zoning out for 3 hours while watching episodes of Frasier and Angel, a show i've always been mildly curious about since i've been a fan of Buffy The Vampire slayer comic book for many many years and have a HUGE collection of the comics as well as a Sarah Michelle Geller poster i one day WILL hang on my wall if i ever get a damn frame for it and about 80 other posters . I am grateful i am in a.o.k. health though Group Health has sent em 2 notices asking me to come in for a check up, something i haven;t done in a few years now that i really SHOULD do . I spit blood when i throw up these days, am tired alot, stay up way to late, and am burned out but damn it i am attempting to do SOMETHING and not let this job grind me down . I realized earlier that i have not written a blog in awhile and though only a few people might read it, it doesn't matter! I have to do something creative or i am going to snap! I have many things i am going to "try" to do before to long so without further whatever, here goes,... get a new scanner/prinetr, FINISH my crap for our mockumentary film SHIZZLY GRARK, finish my damn comic-book i began about 5 years ago( it is basically done excpet fopr a little work on the cover and writing an intro ), getting a new power cord for my old duel cassette deck so i can mix down The Earwigs new album after i do a few more songs for it, get going on my old "dream" band i've had since i was 11 or so, work on new artwork, get a camera, work on my costumes and props( ie. my 0777X-1 Hellcannon ), get my lil Fuzzy Miss Cat fixed and a check up for her and Lion King at the vets ), ORGANIZE and clean my house and get rid of a bunch of crap, organize my dvd collection, get new shelves so i can get rid of the old falling apart rickety ones i've had for years and get ALL my books/cds/art books/Lp's/7"s/45's/dvds/vhs tapes,etc. ALL on shelves and off the floor, try to jam with some people and most importantly have FUN and do stuff! What else? Not much except HIGH POWERED MUTANT is still in effect despite many people thinking the film is DEAD . You're WRONG! We have no money and we're not trendoids using Kick Starter like everyone and their Mother is! With NO offense to Kick Starter we WILL get this movie DONE and OUT and the world will know who/what/why/how The Bizarre Alien Charles F. Styles is even if you DON'T give a shit! Wah! O.k., i am outta here so have fun, stay pants and as always KEEP THE FILTH!!!!!!! your pal, CHARLES THE BIZARRE ALIEN . Earth. Now . Gynegr RULES! FTW!!!!!!!! 

My top shits the last month or so,...
MORBID VOMIT"How stupid can you be"cdr(You're Not Normal)
JUDAS PRIEST"stained class"cd(shitty major label)
HASIL ADKINS( various songs, doc. footage, live shows,...)
THE DEAD MILKMEN"big lizard in my backyard"cd(Enigma? Too lazy to look!)
all the JAMES BONDS 007 films
CELTIC FROST"morbid tales"cd, KREATOR"pleasure to kill"cd, VENOM - everything! GG ALLIN - everything and a buncha other random stuff! I'm outta here! Good bye til next time!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Carlos Montana

Once upon a time there was a guy, his name was "carlos Montana" . The guy was a.o.k. but pretty much a nutjob too! Nobody understood him or at least they didn;t even try too but that's most of the human race for you . Anyhoo, he called himself Carlos Montana, obviously after the character Antonio "Tony" Montana from the classic Brian De Palma film SCARFACE(1983) . The guy thought he was funny, qouting from the movie, trying to sound like the charachter . He was pretty good but none of us thought he was funny . Alot of girls thought he was a creep and most us thught he was gay while the girls( most of them ) thought he could be a serial killer . every so foten he would be asked if he was a homosexual and he'd say, "If i was gay what the hell would people do about it? I'm not and i don;t care, mang! " He barely ever hung out with any females, just a few oddballs none of us liked too much . He told us they were "good people that nobody understands " . The funny thing is this guy DIDN'T care what poeple thought of him or his small group of weirdos . "say whatcha want, i don;t give a fuck!" was one of his qoutes we'd hear off and on . One of his favorite things too do was to sit alone in the basement of his house and blast 80's pop music and new wave that barely anyone listens too these days or even wants too .
We really didn;t like this guy and especially when he would start talking about how "cute some of those girls" are that we knew . I for one definitley didn;t want any girls i wanted too bang even KNOWING he might find them attractive . I didn;t hate this guy but i just didn;t care for him as he didn't fit in with any of us .
We were talking about kicking his ass if we saw him looking at one of our girlfriends .
This never happened because one day he was assaulted by some pick-up truck driving rednecks on his way from wherever he was hangning out! He didn;t get too beat up but it was enough thaat he freaked out on them . I guess he carried a metal pipe on him and when he hit the ground getting popped by one of the rednecks, he got the pipe out and started screaing at the top of his lung how much he hated the human race and was gonna drink the blood from all his enemies wounds!
The assholes got bakc in their truck real fast and flew out of the parking lot where the incident took place . I'm really surprised one of them didn;t pull out a rifle or something and shoot him?
We saw "Carlos" a few weeks later and he just walked by slowly and as he looked at us, pursed his lips and said in an imitation of Tony Montana, "Shzoo all gonna eat my shit mang! Szhoo gonna get de payback you cockroaches " .
Not too long later, they found one of my boys lying in a field out in the middle of nowhere with his head caved in .
Now he's coming for the rest of us .
He wears an ugly suit and still has that pured lip look on his face .
What's worse is world war 4 broke out, everything is fucked and i just heard a car's engine reviing up at the same time a song by Men Without Hats began too play loudly!

Charles The Bizarre Alien  Earth 5/13/13
dedicated too all those who have been condemned by the status quo lamestream chickenshit conformist society that is no better than Adolph Hitler's SS . Also dedicated too the future!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I am 2 people, 2 beings! One is a human being and the other is a mutant who calls himself an alien . i want too sleep in a coffin, i want too meet the spacegirl i have dreamed about and seen in visions and dreams since 1991! I want too esapce this Earth in a spaceship and go beyone this universe and be free at last! So many things i want too do! I wish too devolve into the intelligent winged feral-beast ape man i know i really am . every night when i enter the world of sleep, i see other worlds as i enter a void of unreality . I am free when i sleep, a slave when i awaken . The sun is my enemy, making me so very tired and lethargic . The night embraces me with happiness and peace . The human race makes me ill to the point of vomiting til i cannot move, paralyzing me with extreme sickness fear and disgust! Animals are my friends, the most failthful being cats . I despise the rotten hate and horrors of the human race . I look towrads th emoon seeking knowledge too escape from thsi world somehow . The world of humanj=kind does not know my every secret and were they too know the truth, alive i would not be . The far off stars and planets beyond this small world call me every so often . I hear a voice from deep space . She calls me but i cannot answer . How can i leave here and see her again . This is the curse of being left on this accursed planet! One day i shall devolve too my rightful form and the wings which long ago faded away will sprout forth again and too the sky will i go too freedom and love,....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nil title

Have you ever woken up and thought, "what in the name of  whatever am i doing here?" Wake up feeling like everything is totally pointless and your existence is a complete waste? Wake up feeling like utter shit, like death is just waiting around the corner any minute soon attacking and suffocating your entire being, seeing the last small light through the pure pitch black dark before your life as you know it has perished like ashes upon the wind, then drowned utterly in a void? Often after i wake up, horrible thoughts take over my mind . Fear, endlessly probing my entire being . Worries making me physically ill too the point of vomiting . Vomiting until tears pour down my face and a bright rash like redness covers my entire face . Fear coming from failure, nightmares occurring every other day due too stress, caused by human beings, caused by personal failures amongst other negative experiences . The fear of death and loss completely engulfs me at times! The fear of life itself, waking up KNOWING that terrible things will happen . A fear of eternal loneliness takes over at times as well as a heartbreaking pain of the loss of a love that could be, but not in this reality .
Reality, what a JOKE indeed! a lame pathetic world it is . I have always been drawn away from this planet in my dreams . The compatibility with most humans nil . The light of the day makes me ill . The night brings me to life . The "rules" of reality are shit to me . One day i will transcend this world and truly live my life . Happiness and light WILL ascend me from the grip of reality and for once i will LIVE!