Monday, May 13, 2013

Carlos Montana

Once upon a time there was a guy, his name was "carlos Montana" . The guy was a.o.k. but pretty much a nutjob too! Nobody understood him or at least they didn;t even try too but that's most of the human race for you . Anyhoo, he called himself Carlos Montana, obviously after the character Antonio "Tony" Montana from the classic Brian De Palma film SCARFACE(1983) . The guy thought he was funny, qouting from the movie, trying to sound like the charachter . He was pretty good but none of us thought he was funny . Alot of girls thought he was a creep and most us thught he was gay while the girls( most of them ) thought he could be a serial killer . every so foten he would be asked if he was a homosexual and he'd say, "If i was gay what the hell would people do about it? I'm not and i don;t care, mang! " He barely ever hung out with any females, just a few oddballs none of us liked too much . He told us they were "good people that nobody understands " . The funny thing is this guy DIDN'T care what poeple thought of him or his small group of weirdos . "say whatcha want, i don;t give a fuck!" was one of his qoutes we'd hear off and on . One of his favorite things too do was to sit alone in the basement of his house and blast 80's pop music and new wave that barely anyone listens too these days or even wants too .
We really didn;t like this guy and especially when he would start talking about how "cute some of those girls" are that we knew . I for one definitley didn;t want any girls i wanted too bang even KNOWING he might find them attractive . I didn;t hate this guy but i just didn;t care for him as he didn't fit in with any of us .
We were talking about kicking his ass if we saw him looking at one of our girlfriends .
This never happened because one day he was assaulted by some pick-up truck driving rednecks on his way from wherever he was hangning out! He didn;t get too beat up but it was enough thaat he freaked out on them . I guess he carried a metal pipe on him and when he hit the ground getting popped by one of the rednecks, he got the pipe out and started screaing at the top of his lung how much he hated the human race and was gonna drink the blood from all his enemies wounds!
The assholes got bakc in their truck real fast and flew out of the parking lot where the incident took place . I'm really surprised one of them didn;t pull out a rifle or something and shoot him?
We saw "Carlos" a few weeks later and he just walked by slowly and as he looked at us, pursed his lips and said in an imitation of Tony Montana, "Shzoo all gonna eat my shit mang! Szhoo gonna get de payback you cockroaches " .
Not too long later, they found one of my boys lying in a field out in the middle of nowhere with his head caved in .
Now he's coming for the rest of us .
He wears an ugly suit and still has that pured lip look on his face .
What's worse is world war 4 broke out, everything is fucked and i just heard a car's engine reviing up at the same time a song by Men Without Hats began too play loudly!

Charles The Bizarre Alien  Earth 5/13/13
dedicated too all those who have been condemned by the status quo lamestream chickenshit conformist society that is no better than Adolph Hitler's SS . Also dedicated too the future!

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