Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mutant Occupied 0.1

I have for years fantasized about living in the post nuclear war age, imaging living a life in the wastelands of the aftermath cruising the deserts in my  armoured car i call the "Death Machine" living the life of a real road warrior, seeking adventure while fighting the good fight as i endlessly search for fuel to feed my death Machine . with the wars raging about the world committed by the poor for the rich shits, it didn;t hit me til a year ago that it HAS been the 'apocalypse' yet i and everyone else didn't notice it til the last couple years when the so-called "shit"  did indeed hit the fan! The asshole politicians became worse than ever, the Kkkops got more brutal, the poor got poorer and the rich got richer! Cities became filthier and more rotten to the core as people just turned meaner and meaner than ever before!
I always considered myself a mutant, a non-human being reusing to call himself a human being . An African man doesn;t like being called a nigger so PLEASE don;t call me a 'human' because i REFUSE to be called one . Anyhow, things were pretty much the same! The new President Asshole brought back punk rock out from the gutter just like in the Reagan-era though for the life of me i can;t remember what asshole was picked by the so-called "moral majority" as new puppet dictator . No big deal!
The United States really didn't turn into a desert wasteland but it may as well be one considering how humans treat the Earth!
Like i said before, i am a MUTANT and i was always incapable of falling in love with a woman form this planet and i never will . Stuck on this planet far too long dreaming about that spacegirl which has now been i;d say nearly 120 years since i 1st saw her at a glance in one of my dreams .
That beautiful faunus told me she loved me so long ago and that i we would be together soon . Yeah right! I haven't had a dream about her in about 10 years ago, and the last one i hardly remember . The curse of love is maddening but i still haven;t given up hope of seeing her and escaping this planet one day!
In the meantime i find myself burning gas across the land shrieking along with the music i have in my machine . GG Allin died in 1993, 139 years ago but he lives on when i crank his punk rock up loud through the loudspeakers i attached too my fine ride!
Diary Year 2139 i am travelling across the old city of Minot, North Dakota . For some odd reason, the lights still work in the city . Many people have told me it's "not good t travel through cities" . Big whoop! I am armed to the teeth and fangs and i'll be DAMNED if i am going to be afraid of going where i want too! Anyhow, i am being a gentleman and moving slowly through the old decrepit street and i come too a red light . It turns green and as i am about to go through the intersection, a stereotypical whitetrash human gives me a dirty look and starts walking in front of me and then, me the bird! I can almost hear, "Yo! Whatcha gonna do, beeeyotch???" That's it! Step on the gas and the toilet bisquit is turned to a pulpy mush! Looking back in my rear view mirror, i see a group of savage humans calling themselves "Bubs" some running out from behind a building and grab the remains of the douche and carry it off too their lair! I laugh and hear one yell, "Blggghhh!!! Bllrrrggghhh!!!!" I press a button and the back end of the Death Machine opens up to reveal my Hellcannons . "Nahhhhhhhhhh! Forget it!" Whatta watse that would be . Live and let live says I! Time to find a place too rest for the eve . Goodnight .

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