Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Dream of a Space Girl

I have been stuck on this planet for far too long . 40 minutes ago i sat outside in the dark staring up at the night time sky gazing upon the heavens seeing stars spread wide across the sky . 2 in particular glimmered and twinkled . I stared at them each one by one wondering if the girl of my dreams who has haunted my mind for the last twenty years is on one of them looking down? I believe love is a curse and if i had the power, i would cut off and burn out the process that generates the feelings of love . For too long it has torn at me . The perfect woman who appeared in my dreams so long ago i still have not seen . Even in dreams the last few years she has not appeared once . Weeks ago i did have a dream in which i was in a place standing ion front of a large dilapidated old house . Appearing in front of me stood a woman in a dark shroud and hood, holding a picture in a frame of the very house . She looks up and a voice  fills my mind  saying, "Gaze into the picture and you may find your dream woman in there . " I stare into the picture and sense her presence but i do not see her at all . My mind fades back into my brain and i wake up .

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